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The state forestry establishment “Maloritsky forestry enterprise” was established in 2003 on the basis of the Order of the Committee of Forestry of  the Cabinet Council of the RB.

The Maloritsky forestry establishment began its industrial  activity since 01.09.2003.

Short  characteristic of territory organization.

The state forestry establishment “Maloritsky forestry enterprise” of the Brest state association is located in Brest district  in the territory of the Brest and Maloritsky administrative areas. The office is in Malorita. The forestry establishment consists of eight forestries.

In the north-western part of the Brest district the forestry establishment borders on GLOHU “Brest forestry establishment”, in the north-eastern part  -  on GOLHU "Kobrinsky forestry enterprise". In the south of the forestry enterprise the border  of the RB with the Republic of Ukraine passes.

The forestry enterprise area is located in the most favourable  part of the territory of the Republic of Belarus in the climatic relation. Its climate is warmer, moderately damp with a continious vegetative period within 200-205 days. Here there is the longest and warmest summer, the winter is short and not hard(100-110 days) with a low and unstable snow cover. Historically the mid-annual air temperature  makes +7 С, in the territory north-west and south-west winds prevail. The mid-annual precipitation amount makes 650 mm. The territory of the forestry establishmen  is located in an extreme western part of Polessky lowland and according to the geomorphological zone division occupies the Maloritsky aqueo-glacial basin.

In the territory of the forestry enterprise sod-podzol soil prevails that is caused by rather leveled relief and close groundwater occurrence.

All rivers flowing across the forestry  enterprise territory belong to the Baltic basin  and the bin of the river Zapadnij Bug.

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